Thursday, April 9, 2009

SGFA Weekly Roundup!

FROM SCOTT ADAMS CELIAC.COM WEBSITE THE NEWS OF THE FIRST EVER VACCINE FOR CELIAC BEING DEVELOPED AND TESTED IN AUSTRALIA. Check the website for further information. This idea is based on the de-sensitization process being used sucessfully for peanut allergies and could extend to many other kinds of allergies. Fascinating development.

ON THE RESTAURANT SCENE THIS WEEK, COMES NEWS FROM SHORELINE DINER IN GUILFORD! A gluten-free menu is being developed; the first item is a Tinkyata pasta dish: Mediterranean Penne with Artichoke Hearts, White Beans, Sundried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives and Fresh Spinach. SGFA member Mary Lawrence is working with them to have more vegan/gluten free dishes available. If you dine there regularly, let them know!!! Sounds good enough for a field trip!

POSITIVE CHANGE CONFERENCE APRIL 25! Reservations are starting to come in-- if you plan to attend, checks must be received by April 22. With speakers like Beth Hillson and Cynthia Kupper, what else do you need? Sorry, we cannot "hold seats" due to space limits. There are 66 chairs- we are down to less than 45. Email for applications and information. Watch for news releases and posters in every community!

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