Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meeting Minutes, Oct. 16, 2008


Date: October 16, 2008
Host: Ellen Wasyl of Old Saybrook provided us with a wide selection of delicious gluten-free foods.

Welcome & Introduction by Sybil Nassau, founder of the SGFA, outlined the evening’s activities, including:

Registration: Registration forms will be available at each meeting so we have accurate information on everyone. We are open to anyone that follows a gluten-free diet (celiac, gluten intolerant, wheat allergy) or a caregiver of someone with that lifestyle. Meetings will be once a month, more or less, dependent on special activities. Dues will be $10/year or $1/meeting, plus activities and/or materials when necessary.

Anyone with any additional allergies (nuts, lactose, etc.), should identify those allergies on the registration slip, and it was noted that anything anyone brings, please be sure to label ingredients.

There is a need in this shoreline area, for increased awareness with those with celiac disease or on a gluten-free diet. The purpose of the group is to communicate between ourselves and to the community about this disease, and to help everyone understand the challenges it brings to everyday life.

Mission of the association is to communicate with each other and with the community to increase the awareness of the gluten-free lifestyle and its challenges. We should educate our local communities, the restaurants, increasing our profile in a positive way.
-To educate our local community about gluten awareness
-To help individuals with the challenges of living a gluten-free life that is healthy and happy.
-To provide our members with a positive environment for sharing information
-To collectively influence compassionate changes in our community.

Area residents are welcome to join. Meetings are presently being help monthly. Let us know how best we can help YOU!

SGFA Mission Statement


Reason for which the SGFA has come into existence:
OUR OBJECTIVE is to provide local area shoreline residents who are living a Gluten Free lifestyle and/or are caregivers for those living Gluten Free with a central resource and supportive network; one that is rich with resources and opportunities to exchange information and collectively influence positive change in our communities, in order to lead a healthier and happier way of life.

Products & Services:
The SGFA will primarily focus on networking opportunities via monthly meetings and special events to offer the following services:
  • Cooking demonstrations & recipe exchanges
  • Product education & food tasting’s
  • Guest Speakers: dietitians, nutritionists, doctors
  • Bulk Product Purchasing through the local Food Works in Old Saybrook, CT
  • Information Exchange: Up-to-date information, medical news, recommended reading, Websites, etc.
  • Restaurant Reviews and Travel information

Any/all individuals at all levels of experience who wish to learn more about Celiac or Gluten Intolerance or those who are already practicing or supporting a Gluten Free lifestyle; Celiac, Gluten-Intolerant, Autism and/or other Auto Immune Gluten sensitive diets, Caregivers and retailers w/in our community; all are welcome to join the SGFA.

Our primary geographic focus is along the CT Shoreline from New Haven to Mystic with a concentrated focus in the Old Saybrook/Essex/Westbrook communities.

We will utilize the Internet to communicate contemporary information about the SGFA including meetings, hot topics, recipes, links to other websites and blogs for our members to stay up to date on the most current information.

Concern for Survival, growth & profitability:
We are committed to our objectives and will look to our members to make the same commitments for sustainability and growth. Our current marketing efforts have capitalized on local area newspaper articles and flyers posted at supporting retailers. In the near future, we’ll also utilize our Website to reach out to a larger community and solicit retailer advertisement and Corporate Sponsorship.

Our Philosophy is simple; we endeavor to provide a supportive forum in which to share up–to-date information and available resources in a positive atmosphere. Our goal is to keep it light, make it enjoyable, have fun, and live healthy.