Sunday, February 1, 2009

SGFA Weekly Roundup!

Welcome to this week's roundup - lots of yummy news and updates!

Restaurant Updates

We are very happy to report that John De Puma, maker of De Puma Pasta, has started another role as Executive Chef at dolci (a new modern, New York style lounge) in New Haven, CT. dolci is located at 932 State Street. Here you can have DePuma's Cavatelli tossed with wild mushrooms, arugula and truffle essence. John has other gluten free options on the menu so please come down and taste some great gluten free food! Check out a recent review here.

Product Updates - Cereals

Have you tried the new Rice Chex? This tidbit comes from a reader of - the recipes look great! Maybe for today's big game?

"Hi, Beth, I just wanted to mention that the box of Rice Chex that I bought just a few days ago was indeed gluten free but was not labeled on the front as the previous boxes I had purchased were. On the front, there was no mention that it was GF, however on the side of the box was a wonderful write-up about Celiac Disease and the Celiac Disease Foundation which they are partners with. I thought it was a nice way for the company to present it and wonderful that it is in a main stream market. I hope non-GF people read it and become aware of this disease. Rice Chex also has a website with gluten free recipes. They look fun and I’m looking forward to trying some for my 8 year old daughter. Here’s the website: Thanks, Camille"

Do you have a little one with gluten intolerance that likes Dora the Explorer? This tip also comes from a reader of

"Hi Beth, My GFCF 2 1/2 year old is a huge Dora the Explorer fan and at a recent grocery trip I found a cereal with her on the box. While hiding the box cover from my son, I quickly scanned the ingredients and found no gluten or dairy sources. I bought it and later confirmed on the phone with General Mills that it is, in fact, gluten-free and casein-free. In fact the representative stated that General Mills discloses not only wheat, but gluten as well, if a product of theirs contains these allergens. WOW was our son excited when I showed him the box later that day. It's a handy take along snack for us now that he really enjoys. Molly"

I also found this blog with a nice listing of mainstream GF cereals - it's a bit dated - but is a good overview. As always - check the ingredients before you purchase! Happy breakfast!

Do you have other recommendations? Post your ideas here on the blog!

A Heartwarming GF Story

Another wonderful story from SGFA Board Member, Liz. Grab the tissues!

"I just have to share the day Alex and I had Monday with you all. I wanted to take her out to lunch with my Mom after we went shopping for me, which was obviously VERY boring for Alex. We decided to try the Paperback Cafe, although I was hesitant, because I am always a bit worried that going out will be a disappointment for her. So, we went, and it was booming. All tables were full, and there were three parties to be seated in front of us. The wait was not too long, and it was definitely worth it.

Alex ordered the cheeseburger, and let me tell you it was like a light shone down from Heaven and angels began singing when the waitress put the plate down in front of her! It was a beautiful cheeseburger perched atop a gorgeous GF bun surrounded by glistening lightly seasoned baked fries. After sufficient smooshing so that it might fit, Alex wrapped her mouth around that incredible burger, and began beaming. She was only able to eat half, as it was huge, but she enjoyed every bite! While the price was a bit higher than I would have liked to have paid (atleast for "regular food"), I don't think you can put a price on that type of reaction from your child, especially one who usually is met with bitter disappointment when it comes to food.

Then, we decided to run into Food Works to get a loaf of Kinnickinick. We have only ever gone to the FW in Guilford, and it is a different world!! We were trying to find the freezer case when we came upon a huge sign that said, "Gluten Free Food". The freezer was packed with all kinds of items and even multiple brands of certain items. Then we turned and saw a huge rack with another sign above it, full of GF offerings, and then yet another! By the time we perused everything and made our way up to the register, both Alex and I had armfuls of GF foods. Included in our bounty were 8 packages of Ian's chicken nugget meals on sale for $2.49 instead of the $5.00 to $7.00 price tag we usually pay! At the register we then met Paul, the gracious owner, who was delightful. He was so friendly and enthusiastic about the GF community that I could have cried. The icing on the cake (gf of course!) was when he gave Alex a mood ring that she was eyeing, on the house! She was literally dancing and skipping down Main Street as we made our way back to the car.

For people who don't face dietary restrictions, they might have thought us crazy, but for those who have faced the sometimes daunting and disappointing GF frontier, I am sure they can identify with our excitment and joy at such a rare glorious day of delicious restaurant fare and successful grocery shopping!"

Upcoming SGFA Events & Membership

We are equally excited about our upcoming monthly SGFA meeting - our February meeting will be a treat for YOUR taste buds-- SAT. FEB. 21, 2009, 12 NOON - at the Westbrook Library. We are serving a complete BUFFET luncheon featuring products by DePuma's (of New Haven)! If you haven't yet tried DePuma's Ravioli, in the freezer case at Food Works, now is your chance-!

John will talk about his business and how he came to start it. Paid members ONLY will be given a discount coupon to visit his restaurant in New Haven, ONLY if you attend this meeting and have paid dues for this year! You need an official membership card! We will also share news about other restaurants with gluten-free menus who will soon be offering discounts to paid members! RSVP to Sybil -- shoreglutenfree @

WHY BELONG TO SGFA? Learn about the latest news on the research front, hear about the newest products, meet a group of wonderful people who share your world - raffles & free goodies! We encourage a positive, healthy approach to leading a gluten-free lifestyle, so why not join? Try us out!

Please send membership dues to: Sybil Nassau, Founder, SGFA, 25 Hunters Ridge, Westbrook, Ct 06498. Cost: $10 For Individuals, $15 For Families.

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