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On February 5th, 2012, Lauren David Style launched an Allergy Free Survival Kit geared towards people in the United States who suffer from food allergies, especially food allergies within the top eight.


 This kit will be a way for those who have food allergies to discover new companies, products, services, and resources.  The Allergy Free Survival kit will contain information and samples from over 50 different allergy free companies and resources such as:

                                                                                          * Samples
                                                                                           * Coupons
                                                                                           * Brochures
                                                                                           * Flyers
                                                                                           * Business Cards
                                                                                           * Book Excerpts
                                                                                           * Articles
                                                                                           * Tips
                                                                                           * And More...

The kit is completely free - those who wish to receive a kit will only pay a shipping and handling fee which will depend on the final weight of the kit with samples and documents.  (Was running $19.95 when I ordered mine this evening.)

Only one kit is permitted per household per year. 

Those who elect to receive the kit will also be able to receive the Lauren David Style monthly allergy free newsletter (a paid newsletter) with allergy free tips and advice; Q&As with allergy free companies, experts, and specialists/doctors; recipes; interviews on CD, cooking shows on DVD; and one new sample or coupon per month. The newsletter may also contain sponsored giveaways from those within the allergy free industry, bonuses, special member-only offers, and more.

Lauren David Style will initially launch with just 100 kits.  To apply for your kit, visit Lauren David Style.


Triumph Dining, the publishers of the Gluten Free Grocery Guide, the Gluten Free Restaurant Guide and the largest independent gluten free publisher in North America with a blog readership of 80,000 and 35,000 subscribers to its newsletter, is conducting a contest to determine the best gluten free products on the market.

Everybody Eats has been nominated in five categories.

If you complete the entire survey, you will become eligible to win several prizes as well.  Don't worry if you don't have answers for every category, your votes will still be counted.   It is not necessary to subscribe to their newsletter or anything else to vote.

Polls close at midnight on March 2, so you have about two weeks to vote. 

To cast your votes go to:

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