Thursday, January 15, 2009

SGFA Weekly Roundup!

As our region gets doused with cold air and snow showers, we hope this finds you eating warm gf foods and enjoying the new year! Here is this week's roundup of interesting tidbits, Board updates, and news!

SGFA Board Update
The Board met last Tuesday evening - and there are some wonderful developments to report.
- Our group now has 29 paid members. A checking account was opened at Essex Savings Bank (Essex office) and all fees ,inlcuding the cost of checks, were waived. Linda Hunnicut, VP, said they would be happy to be a sponsor if we have an "event".
- Laurencia relayed Dr. Susan McColl's plans to work with physician's offices and schools with personal visits and SGFA brochures as leave behinds.
- Sybil presented the three versions of the SGFA brochures; one with a general focus, "Why Become a Member" and the other 2 directed specifically to medical practioners, or others. Liz Robison reported that her employer - CFF - has offered to underwrite the printing costs for this project. An acknowledgment will appear on the back of each brochure. THANK YOU to CFF for their contribution to supporting our efforts!
- The Board discussed the proposed theme of the February meeting - "Being Good to Yourself" as an introduction to the workshop to be held later in the Spring at The Mercy Center. The Mercy Center workshop would be an opportunity to share the emotional issues surrounding post diagnosis including loss, anger and mourning of a lifestyle. This group discussion would be led by Dr. Amit Oren PhD who is a psychologist and Yale professor who is experienced with these topics. Dates to be announced soon.
- Sybil and Laurencia shared their meeting with Mike Pace - 1st Selectman of Old Saybrook to learn more about our organization. He was very supportive! Laurencia will write an article for the quarterly periodical published by the town. She will address the Shoreline Board of Selectmen Meeting on Jan. 17 about issues critical to Gluten-Free living including public health and education sectors. The group will also be working with the Health Department and School Superintendents to support school-age children with gluten-intolerance.
- Also - keep an eye out in the Shoreline View for an article on GF Living on the Shoreline!

Restaurant Updates
This is a great update from Laurencia, and also mentioned by one of our members, Jennfier - there is now GF pizza in New London!

I just heard of a restaurant that serves gluten-free pizza in Middletown, CT. It is called Illiano's and they serve the gf pizza at two locations in Middletown as well as at their Meriden and New London locations. For their addresses, check their website at For more information about Still Riding Pizza, who supplies their pizza, check out I haven't been there yet, but I emailed the owner asking what care they take to avoid cross-contamination, and I received the following reply:

"Thanks for taking the time to find out more about my product. We are currently serving gluten free pizza at my two middletown locations, meriden, and new london. as far as insuring no contamination issues: we buy the gluten free dough from a company in bridgeport "still riding pizza." the pizza is than made in a gf environment ie: walk -in refrigerator. the pizza is placed on a designated tray that we only use for gf pizza and placed in our oven. when the pizza is fully cooked, we remove it from the oven and place it directly in a box (take-out) or on a tray (dine-in). lastly, the pizza is cut with a designated gf pizza cutter that looks entirely different from the others and is hung in a remote location. i hope this helps you with your decision of using illiano's for your pizza needs. buon appetito!"

Vinnie Scileppi
Illiano's Restaurants

Sybil also weighed in with her review -- "I have already tasted one of these and the crust is wonderful. Illianos is a good place!"

Our Events
We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming monthly meeting on Saturday - hope you can join us! Click here for all details.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Cookie Swap in December! Enjoy these wonderful pictures! (If you can not view them below, click here!)

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