Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Board of the SGFA would like to wish all of our members and local supporters a very Happy 2009! Here is this week's round-up!

Articles & Information
A member recently passed on this interesting article about a celiac disease vaccine (nice to see that someone is working on this important effort!): Celiac Disease Vaccine Trials Slated for 2009

Some other sites you may find helpful:

GF Information
Connecting with Other GF Folks
  • - Gluten Free Club - This is online club; there is a fee to join, but it looks interesting if you are looking to connect with other GFers around the world.
  • There are also some great groups on Facebook as well.
Please send us any other sites that you think the group would be interested in! Or post them here - in the comments!

Board Member Ramblings
I am happy to report that I personally had a wonderful uneventful holiday season - complete with gluten-free scones (thanks to Pamela's Baking Mix), gluten-free cookies, an amazing gluten free pumpkin cheesecake and some great gluten-free bread both of which my sister-in-law made for me! How were your holidays? Any great recipes to share? Post them here!

One more reminder about the SGFA website/blog survey - please take a minute to provide your thoughts!

Looking forward to 2009 - meeting notices for the coming year will be posted shortly - we hope you will be able to join us!

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